Are You Building?

Julian May 23, 2023
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If you're currently in the process of building your new home, it is crucial to consider the cost of flooring and installation beforehand especially before attending your builder's selection appointment have you ever wonder about the potential cause difference between hiring an independent flooring installer versus going with your builder? 

Understanding the pricing breakdown is essential. Firstly, you should research the current market cost of your desire flooring and explore options for finding more affordable alternatives. It's worth noting that independent flooring installers also have their own expenses to cover.

To make an informed decision it is recommended to seek out independent flooring installers with excellent reviews. Five-star ratings serve as a reliable indicator of their expertise and customer satisfaction. Additionally, keep in mind that prices can vary among different installers.

Well, the flooring cost is easy to figure out. You need to know how much your flooring costs now and trying to find someone who will do it for cheaper. Of course, if you are hiring an independent flooring installer, he will also have his own expenses too!

Best thing to do is to look for someone with good reviews. 5 star reviews are the best thing to look for. The price of having an independent flooring installer can be different from one person to another.


You need to ask around and see what is going.  As mentioned above 5 star reviews are a very good indicator of how well they do their job and if you will be happy with their work.

We have been in the flooring industry for over two decades now. All of our work is guaranteed! You can always ask us for referrals if you need to give a call to any of our past customers let them tell you why it might be best to go with us then with your builder.

It's nothing against any builder, most of the cases and why most of our customers decide to go with us is because of the poor selection that a builder might have, and it might not be what you really want for many years, we understand it's a big investment so why not get the floors that you really VS the floors your builder is offering.