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Go The DIY Route?


It may seem like the do-it-yourself is cheaper than hiring a vinyl flooring contractor but if you are not capable of doing it right or if don't have the patience for it, could end up costing you more than double VS hiring a pro.


In some cases you buy a vinyl plank product of less value, hire the wrong installer and now you are paying the next installer, buying more supplies, spending more on materials, more on a professional installer because they now have to remove all the floors that were installed wrong, prep the floors the right way, re-install hopefully 50% of the floors that were removed and not to mention all the extra time your project will take, you'll soon realize you should have call us to come and do it right the first time.


But nothing to worry you are here and can take the right decision. So let's say you have a small area, perhaps a few feet of flooring that needs to be installed. Maybe your office, bedroom or bathroom? In this case it may be cheaper just to get someone from our company to get in there and install it for you properly rather than buying it twice because you didn't pick the right installer or because the product mentioned how easy it was to install and you come to find out that it's not the case. Save yourself the headaches and get in touch with us. 


If you decide to go with the do-it-yourself route make sure you have the tools, supplies and knowledge of what needs to be done before hand, We understand some people like to tackle their jobs themselves but it's one of those things where if something is not done right, it'll only lead to more problems in the future.

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Lifeproof has introduced their new luxury vinyl flooring! Lifeproof Dusk Cherry Luxury Vinyl Planks are a durable option with an innovative lifetime warranty. This flooring can be installed over existing tile, vinyl and concrete as well as plywood to provide protection against moisture damage while still allowing easy maintenance like mopping or vacuuming!


Benefits include antimicrobial properties that resist dirt accumulation; Mark Resistant which means it will stand up better than other floors in extreme conditions such as heavy traffic areas where scratches are common place ; Phthalate Free so you don't have worries about toxic chemicals.


We recently had the opportunity to help a customer who wanted to install a luxury vinyl plank from Lifeproof using the color Dusk Cherry . We were able to quickly and easily install the flooring over concrete without using any 6Mil plastic. The results were beautiful, our customer is super happy and extremely pleased with he's  new floors.


We took the time to put this video and share the video with you so you can see how this particular product looks like. FYI NO FILTERS on any of our videos. Dark images or light images are left as they are so you can see how the product would look in some dark areas and the same for images with more light. We hope our video is of help and hopefully help you decide if this are the right floors for you.


Take a look at the video to see the before and after.


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