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Looking for tile installation specialists in your area? Get a free quote from Julian Flooring And More today! We specialize in all types of tile installation with over 20 years of experience.


Here's what we would need to start working on your quote without looking at the projects in person. We need to know:

  1. How many square feet of carpet and pad we need to remove

  2. How many square feet of tile we need to remove

  3. How many square feet of glue down flooring we need to remove

  4. How many square feet of laminate or vinyl plank we need to remove

  5. Is there toilets, pedestal sinks or vanity that we need to remove

  6. Do we need to move appliances such as: washer, dryer, stove or refrigerators

Don't Have Measurements?


If you don't have the total square footage of flooring that needs to be remove and install you have nothing to worry about, simply click on Get Quote, fill the form. Choose 2 days and times that would work best for you for us to stop by and take measurements ASAP. After that you will receive our quote as well as a shopping list of materials you need to purchase and that's it! Super easy.

Do You Like Large Format Tiles?


24x48 Caledonia Gold Porcelain Tile

This 24 x 48 Caledonia Gold Polished Porcelain Tile is a beautiful example of the inkjet technology's ability to produce realistic, stunningly detailed tiles. The PEI (polyetherimide) material used for this specific model offers excellent color range and sharp details that can be installed with minimal grout lines so it gives an extremely clean look when finished!


This particular tile was made in Brazil where culture and craftsmanship are highly prized-known globally as two things typically associated with high durability/sturdiness qualities too!. By the way you can take a look at our video below to see how we achieve this magnificent results. Project was done in March of 2021.

Watch Video

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